AT-EW120P Electric PCB Wet-film Screen Printer

AT-EW120P Electric PCB Wet-film Screen Printer

Suitable for Rigid Printed Circuit Board, Flexible PCB, PCB legend, Photo Resistance Solder Mask, Wet-Film Plug-via-holes, Surface Mounted Technology, Carbon/Resin Plug-via-holes, and other PCB screen printing.

Patented Design

Innovative double squeegee two-way printing, plus bidirectional peel-off and table displacement.

Double Printer Processing

Finished both sides printing to dry at once to reduce processing and save energy consumption.

Fast Elevation

Electric vertically up down, fast moving to raise productivity 30% or above, long run durable operation.

Open Mesh Printing

Save the cost for screen making, fast screen registration to reduce technical difficulty.

Safety Guard

Equipped with safety bar, safety press bar and emergency stop uplifting cylinder for thorough protection.

Specification Metric Units Unit Conversions
Weight 920kg 2028¼ lb
Table adjustment ± 10mm / ± 10mm ± ⅜" / ± ⅜"
Power consumption 2.5 kw 2.5 kw
Air source 5 - 6 kg/c㎡ 71 - 86 PSI
Air consumption (I GI/cycle) 3.1 3.1
Dimension (WxDxH) 1900mm x 1400mm x 1750mm 74¾" x 55⅛" x 68⅞"
Power source 3∮,220V/380V,50/60Hz 3∮,220V/380V,50/60Hz
Capacity (P/H, full speed full stroke) non-plug-via 180-370, plug-via 130-320 non-plug-via 180-370, plug-via 130-320
Substrate thickness 0 - 25mm 0 - 1"
Screen frame height 26mm to 54mm 1.02" to 2.12"
Maximum O/D frame size (DxW) 1000mm x 1500mm 39⅜" x 59"
Working table size (DxW) 700mm x 1200mm 27½" x 47¼"
Maximum print area (DxW) 600mm x 950mm 23⅝" x 37⅜"